A Complete AffActive Casino Affiliate Program Review

Unsurprisingly, casinos require a fair amount of money to run properly. AffActive is a program that helps establishments increase their revenue shares based on how popular they are. This AffActive Casino Affiliate Program review examines the deals and incentives offered by the company.

A client's revenue share from the company is based on the number of players they have who are paying the casino; the more people he or she has depositing real money, the larger a revenue share he or she can receive. Those with between one and 50 depositors are eligible for a 30% revenue share, those with between 51 and 100 depositors raises the share to 35%, and having between 101 and 500 depositors boosts the share to 40%. Individuals with over five hundred players depositing real money are eligible for the highest base share at 45%. This is the default revenue share model, but it is not the only one. Unique CPA deals are negotiable, and hybrid offers are also available.

Affactive has a very good reputation in the United States for their strong brands, numerous clients, and good promotions. A client can increase their revenue by promoting some of AffActive's other online establishments, all of which accept USA players and have reliable payment options. These online establishments all have strong reputations, good conversion rates, a dedication to quality, high conversion rates, and excellent customer service, so affiliates aren't forced to promote brands or establishments that they may not otherwise support or want to promote. This client list also has a number of specialty sites (such as ones that cater towards slots or table game players) for affiliates to customize their ads based on their own establishments.

After this Affactive Casino Affiliate Program review, a few important aspects of the company are noteworthy: that the design allows for generous revenue shares that reward successful establishments, and that clients looking to optimize casino ads will do well to join the program. The high standards employed by AffActive are difficult to match and even more difficult to beat. Online establishments with similarly high values will find themselves very well taken care of with this program.