Online Poker Tournament Variants

Ever since the popularity of online poker rooms and gaming sites, various poker groups and companies are now hosting larger tournaments for its competitive gaming market. These include local tourneys which reward players with a generous amount of cash winnings, to renowned worldwide poker events which reward winners with millions at hand. Players can either play this online or in satellite establishments which host the said competitive gaming session. Other sites also offer freerolls which allow players to register for free and have a chance to win big in the end. Have you always wanted to make it to the World Series of Poker? While this may be a challenge to say the least, you can begin to enjoy online poker tournaments at and make a name for yourself. Start playing today.

But before they get to register and secure their slots in big poker tournaments, players should understand the different poker tournaments they can participate on. Here are some of the known events today which host the popular game of poker:

Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs)

Multi-table tournaments are the most usual tournament hosted in online poker sites. Players need to settle an initial buy-in fee before they get their playing chips. They must ensure that they don't lose all their chips before the event is over or they will be out of the tournament in no time. But there are rebuy tournaments which allow its players to stack up another set of chips after losing some within a period upon commencing.

Sit & Go's (SNGs)

In Sit & Go tournaments, players are hosted in just one or two poker table which begins as soon as all seats are filled. Most online poker rooms host SNG tournaments which usually start in seconds and reward top players of each table. This type of poker tournaments is best for new players who want to experience this competitive gaming session without competing with hundreds of online players.

Turbo Tournaments

Turbo poker tournaments are standard SNGs and MTTs which have faster gameplay compared with usual poker sessions. Online poker players are expected to make quick decisions and fast plays in their every turn. This allows the game to conclude in a much faster time and more sessions to be hosted.

Satellite Tournaments

On the other hand, satellite tournaments are usual poker events wherein players are competing for the buy-in at stake to advance to the next tournament level. This means that winners of satellite tournaments get to advance to larger poker events with bigger prize pools at stake. Other satellite tourneys offer exclusive perks like vacations and merchandises, above the next level poker qualification.