Gambling PPC Ads, Tips And Information

The world of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a world dominated by numbers and algorithms. Practitioners of this strategy love statistics, charts, and data points that can tell them if they're practices are best suited to their goals. While this type of data clearly falls under the heading of mission critical, it shouldn't come at the expense of an affiliates' great ad copy. Of course, creating this kind of eye-catching copy isn't easy. Fortunately, help is available for copy-confused PPC practitioners in the form of an SEJ Quick Guide and a report from Google titled: Creative That Clicks. Both publications are packed with useful tips and plenty of data points that show how good copy can transform campaigns and beef up conversions.

No matter how you slice it, keywords are the critical component of a successful campaign, especially for gambling PPC ads. People today expect consistency across their searching experience, so the connections between keywords and the creative must be seamless. This means that you'll want your keywords to appear in your advertising headlines in the same form that you think your potential customers will be using in their searches. The big brains at Google say that following this one tip can increase click-through rates by as much as 15%.

The best advice for crafting adverts, both gambling PPC ads and not, is by using the K.I.S.S. acronym. Keep it simple, stupid. Google's suggested course of action is pretty similar to what casino affiliates have been practicing in their gambling PPC ads for some time: Keep your CTA specific, tie the CTA to a dedicated landing page, have a unique selling point, max out the character limits in the headline field, include your brand name, Capitalize Every Word In The Title, and make it mobile.

Google and SEJ both recommend creating a mobile component to your campaigns if at least 20% of your traffic is coming from this direction. Fortunately, going mobile isn't that difficult; in most cases, you can swap out your desktop-focused CTA's for mobile ones using the fine-and-replace feature. Using these steps might take some time, but by implementing these tips, you could apparently boost your CTR by as much as 119%.