4 Top Paying Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketers work to optimize casino ads and bring more traffic to a site. In other words, they know their way around an online casino because they are gamblers, too. Their job is to drive other gamblers to popular sites. This sounds super easy and you can make a great deal of money in the process. Keep reading to find out about the top paying affiliate programs below.

One of the most well-known platforms for affiliates is called ReferBack. This company emphasizes that they are "big on partnerships" and "huge on earnings" and guarantees its partners up to 60% commission. It starts at 40% for the first and second months then increases to 60% by the third. This includes a fast and easy sign up process and the opportunity to work with amazing cohorts like Jackpot City and River Belle.

Another of the top paying affiliate programs is AffActive. They offer a multi-tiered package in which the commissions you earn are directly linked to the traffic you bring into the casinos. Associates earn 30% for the smallest amount of converted depositors and this number can increase all the way up to 45%. The company also offers a percentage of the earnings made by associates that you refer to the program.

Poker Strategy proposes payouts for recommendations. As an online poker school and they agree to pay $500 for each referral. Then, a 20% commission can be earned for those who move up to the second tier. With over 6 million members, some of which are the best among professional poker players, this partnership will bring in a flood of traffic.

The final member deal we suggest is StarPartner. An unbelievable commission of 60% is guaranteed the first month; then you continue to earn a generous 50% commission during the second month and 40% for the third. From poker to bingo, if you get people to play, StarPartner will reward you handsomely.

Some users visit online casinos daily and pass up terrific deals like these. If you are interested in making extra money by issuing your unique knowledge about casinos and influencing others to play, try one of these top paying affiliate programs today.