TV Ads For Online Casinos: A Huge Spending

As online gambling becomes legal in more U.S. states, the advertising market is preparing for a host of commercials and TV ads for online casinos.

A few years ago, the state of Nevada legalized online establishments, and much of the rest of the United States has either followed their example, or is hoping to. It has been predicted that as these establishments prepare for the ability to operate and advertise within the country borders, the market will find itself with several billion (between 3.5 and 4 was the initial estimate) dollars coming in from these newly legalized venues. The estimated value of the gambling market is $1,000,000,000. Over the course of the next decade, however, it is estimated that it could grow to 13 times that number - but it needs help from the advertising agencies in order to get anywhere close to that amount.

The targets for this new marketing boom is primarily those who monitor events such as professional poker, and other large scale gambling related events that are broadcasted on TV. They will also be aimed at younger consumers, as most who participate in online gambling are in their early 20s, an interesting contrast to those who prefer live gambling, who are, on average, over 50 years old. The promotion wave is expected to grow exponentially; the more legal the activity becomes, the more money online establishments will begin putting into their ventures in an effort to come out on top. There are challenges besides the legal hurdles, however. For example, Google's policy does not allow for the promotion of any game wherein money or items are paid in order to win another item or an even greater sum of money. This means that even today, the advertising of any gambling based venture cannot be done through Google, which is a major hurdle that will make these casinos' jobs a little more difficult.

The extra money being put into advertising continues be spent on TV ads for online casinos, and as time goes on, it seems as though their popularity will be increasing far more than it will be decreasing.